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A smart way to manage your family health history information such as madications, symptoms, office visits, surgery, test, family, history and much more patient data. FREE with purchase!

Do you know as much as you should about your doctor's professional history?

Researching your doctor is crucial to ensuring your family's health. Before you agree to any medical procedure or choosing a physician, you should always find out whether your doctor is licensed, board-certified, or has been subject to any disciplinary actions etc. MDNationwide's physician reports provide you with the information you need in order to select quality healthcare providers.  Order a report today and get your questions answered.

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Doctor Reports Include:
Nationwide Licensure Status
Malpractice Judgments
Professional Misconduct
Doctor Credential Ratings
Disciplinary Actions Nationwide
Education and Training
Awards & Publications
Academic/Hospital Appointments
Board Certification Status
Special Interest Area of Expertise
Membership Affiliations

Did You Know
   An estimated 50-60% of physicians are sued at least       once during their career.
   191,804 medical malpractice reports were made to       the National Practitioner Databank,  1990-2004.

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