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Select top doctors in America  Special expertise index lists a physician's special interest area of expertise within a specialty
  (e.g. Kidney Disease).
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  Find results with all of the words Kidney Disease
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  1. Specialty Expertise : spine surgery or type a Disease
  2. Click a State:/ Texas
  3. Click “Submit”
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  Next: Broaden your search by using mixed words-phrases:
Neck Stereotactic Robotic Assisted
Spinal Epilepsy Skull Base
Brain Disc  
Trauma Minimally Invasive  
Complex Vascular  
Spinal Radiosurgery  
Surgery Cervical  
Tumor Acoustic Nerve  
Tumors Lumbar  
Skull Cerebrovascular  
Disorders Spine  
Aneurysm Carotid  
Cerebral Craniocervical  
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