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What is Top Doctor Analyzer ?
Top Doctors Methodology
Top Doctor Nomination Process    Part I & Part II
How does MDNationwide select top doctors?
Step by step: Part I
Board certified doctors (only) are randomly selected using our leased/owned doctor information databases.

Our proprietary software will fax or email selected doctors asking them “If one of your loved ones needed medical attention in your field which of your peers would you choose?”

Emails & faxes contain a username & password, which allow doctors to login to our database. Doctors then fill form, nominate peer(s) and submit.

MDNationwide™ research team receives doctor nomination data, reviews and prepares for next phase.

Those doctors who are selected from their peers an extensive amount of times are then reviewed for proper licensure status, disciplinary actions, malpractice judgments, and are cross-referenced using our thirteen owned/leased doctor information databases, providing confirmation of doctor licensure status and relevant credential information.

MDNationwide™ research team reviews and refines the pool of nominated physicians and verifies credentials.

Final Phase
MDNationwide™ research team selects doctors and adds them to our top medical specialists database.

Step by step: Part II
MDNationwide™ “Top Doctor Analyzer” proprietary software
  1. MDNationwide™ uses it's own methodologies & algorithms solely based on identifying the Top Doctors
  2. The “Top Doctor Analyzer” scans through a series of categories on how, who, where, and why
  3. Academics such as credential information play a key role on how doctors are rated

Once a physician is chosen by our automated system or manually, the software will scour our thirteen databases looking for information to match the searched named.

Top Doctor Analyzer measures the density and calculates using the fifteen categories listed below.

Top Doctor Analyzer will then select the proper board certification field/subspecialty
associated with the physician and compare to all others in the same field.

The software identifies and corresponds with MDNationwide ‘s methodologies and algorithms.

MDNationwide™ expert staff member revises contact and doctor credential information for proper inclusion in top doctor database

Google™ not only relies on businesses submitting their websites but most importantly depends on its methodologies and search algorithms. Some key factors are weight, depth, popularity, relevancy, and other closely guarded secrets.

MDNationwide™ not only relies on survey’s conducted by doctors nominating their peers
but also depends on it’s innovative proprietary software “Top Doctor Analyzer” for it’s overall inclusion.

Why Top Doctor Analyzer?

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Many doctors will send you to the physician who sends them the most patients in return, whether that physician is great or just average. The best doctors aren't necessarily the ones who need to make the most referrals.

Though, the traditional method as mentioned above is a good approach in finding the best doctors, developing a software program like “Top Doctor Analyzer” increases our overall search percentage by 46%, in identifying America's best medical doctors .

Doctor Ratings Methodology
MDNationwide™ “Top Doctor Analyzer” proprietary software uses the following among
the varied criteria used to determine physician eligibility for inclusion in top doctor guide and is used in conjunction with our MDNationwide™ credential ratings, which is added to our comprehensive doctor background reports.


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