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I was fascinated by the fact that a service like yours exists.   I like your "top doctors" database setup, especially the search within a special expertise option.   I had plastic surgery from a surgeon in your top doctor database. The surgery outcome was GREAT! That's cool!
Thank you!

Houston, TX

I wanted to give a personal thanks to Hugo for going out of his way and helping my family find a doctor. Hugo, after talking to you on the phone it gave me even more motivation in finding a doctor who might be able to help us. The doctor you found for us gave us a clear understanding (opinion) of my grandma's health issues.  What we do know, my grandma is feeling much better and her doctor has seen a big improvement. She is set to have another surgery next month, I will keep you posted. Our family sends a big hug and we truly thank you for your time and help!

Carmen S.
San Diego

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Thank you for the in-depth doctor report for Dr.XXX. I was very impressed by the pertinent information you were able to provide me about this doctor. It offers the reassurance the prospective patients need about the doctors they are considering, particularly when it is for a plastic surgery procedure.

I will certainly recommend your services to many of my friends in my age group who are considering plastic surgery.

Thank you again.

I hope you will use my email as an endorsement for your services.


Gracias para ayudar mi familia y yo encuentran al especialista que buscamos. Ella es excelente y recomendamos sus servicios a cualquiera que busca a un especialista primero en los Estados Unidos.

Veronica M.
Lake Worth, FL

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Thank you for all the information you provide on a regular basis. I will pass along to groups with which I come in contact pertinent information of potential interest to them.

San Jose, CA

Recently, I chose a doctor who was in your doctor database. Now I know why she is recognized as a top doctor. We have a wonderful relationship and communicate very well. I couldn't of asked for a better doctor. Thanks

Ernie D.
Danville, CA

I think you have a unique (doctor background) service going on. I was surprised to see how much relevant doctor information you provide. Thanks again and keep up the good work.

Paula C.
San Diego, CA

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Keep up the good work and thank you for your efforts. I appreciate the doc background information.


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"Because I live in a small rural area, it was difficult to find a highly skilled specialist for my medical needs. After purchasing your services and choosing a doctor that's considered one of the top doctors in America, and though I had to travel a little over 200 miles, it was well worth it. We now carry an awesome relationship." Thank you

Yakima, WA

I have just discovered your web site and find the information and resources provided very thought provoking and useful. Thank you

Elaine Larsen
Seattle, WA

I am impressed with the info you make available. I have recommended this site to several family members and friends. Thanks again!

It's amazing how much the experience & training varies from doctor to doctor. You guys make it so easy to find a top rated doctor, compared to other services being offered out there.

New York

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