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Founder Hugo Gallegos

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Hugo Gallegos, Basic PLUS Author

Meet with Hugo Gallegos, founder & CEO of MDNationwide™ LLC, a research and information company specializing in researching & identifying America's best physicians & providing comprehensive doctor background reports.

The tremendous support and collaboration he garnered from the medical community nationwide demonstrates his extraordinary abilities as an entrepreneur and a team leader who can take an idea from the concept to the inception stage.

Gallegos a health information technology expert and Software Architect with years of specialized training, identifying the top medical doctors and designing an innovative proprietary system & database were consumers can find America's best physicians & surgeons and perform medical doctor background checks. It is this wealth of experience that has earned Gallegos the classification of one of the Internet's most knowledgeable when it comes to finding and connecting consumers with the best medical doctors.

Hugo Gallegos CEO
General consumers, law firms, clinics & hospitals, even doctors often call on Gallegos. Why? Because from the moment a physician finishes medical school through the remainder of their career, Gallegos studies their credentials using innovative software his company has designed regarding training, education, certifications, licensure status, experience, special expertise and many other components. These in turn are incorporated into a logistical format that allows patients to search and find the top doctors regarding specific conditions or surgical procedures.

It is not surprising that Gallegos is not just a hot commodity among the clientele he serves. In fact, if you go to Google and type in “top doctors,” or “doctor background checks,” you are in for a surprise. Due to his success and the high demand for the service his company offers, Gallegos has consulted various fortune 500 companies regarding specialized Search Engine Optimization, Database Programming, Health Information Technology, Html5, Ajax Programming, Mobile Software Architecture and other computing demands.

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The breadth and depth of his knowledge has taken his company to the top in its niche-industry. Gallegos innovative technologies delivers doctor credential information and critical health information, quickly and precisely-within minutes to consumers nationwide.

In addition to his role at, Gallegos is also the founder and chief architect of “MDTelecomm” Health Records software. Currently, this program is being offered (free) and is in its BETA infancy stages. This software allows patients to keep their own medical record information, such as medical symptoms, surgeries, office visits, medications, exercise and much more all in one secure place: their home.

As we move forward, I would like to commend our employees for their enthusiasm, professionalism and hard work. I'd also like to thank our many valued customers for their support and loyalty. You can be assured that, as the new century unfolds and we continue expanding our innovative execution services, we will strive constantly to merit the continued support of health consumers worldwide.


Hugo Gallegos
Founder & President

If you have any questions regarding our services at please visit the Frequently Asked Questions Department or contact us.

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