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The four commonly types of cosmetic surgeons are:
* Plastic Surgery
* Otolaryngology
* Dermatology
* Ophthalmology

The term "Board Certified" does not necessarily mean that a surgeon has undergone
in-depth plastic surgery training. Be certain your surgeon is "certified" by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Ask if your surgeon is board certified in plastic surgery or otolaryngology. If the surgeon or his
office staff answers that he or she is board certified, demand to ask which Board
he is certified in. If the answer is anything but plastic surgery or otolaryngology
the doctor does not have the training required to perform plastic surgery.

Doctors' offices may tell you that the surgeon is a board certified cosmetic surgeon.
Don't let the title fool you, the AMA does not recognize this Board and these surgeons
have not gone through formal training. They perform cosmetic surgery without actually
being trained in that type of surgery. Too often, they get in over their heads and are not
able to prevent or treat complications like a formally trained surgeon. They lack "hands on"
training in an approved training program.

The majority of the time plastic surgery gone bad can be prevented by:

Researching a surgeon's training, education, experience, and community involvement
Making sure they have a proper licensure status.
Choosing an MD who is board certified in plastic surgery or otolaryngology

For peace of mind, wouldn't you like to know your surgeon has been thoroughly researched and is recognized as a leader in their specialty field?  Our research will give you peace of mind knowing you're seeing a surgeon who not only is highly recognized by their peers, but also has been thoroughly evaluated through an extensive process.


Before making an appointment review plastic surgeon information. Here are some questions to ask yourself when review surgeon information from other establishments:

Can any surgeon pay to be listed in their directory?
Does this establishment research every surgeon in its database?
If they don't charge consumers where do they get their revenues?
Do they specialize in researching medical care providers?

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