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It's no secret that you will find many sites throughout the Internet offering free anonymous
doctor ratings, and physician credential information. MDNationwide™ doctor rating(s) are
based on relevant factual credential information
regarding a physicians professional
background, which is obtained by our in-house database, and by using our proprietary
algorithms, methodologies, and software analysis. Review any physicians rating and
detailed professional background all in ONE REPORT.

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Software collects and scours data about physicians, their profiles and histories using our in-house string of doctor credential information databases.
Data is analyzed and cross-referenced with other doctors in the specified field.
Physician's profiles are matched and compared within the specialty field, using a combination of a customized doctor ratings scoring system and other methodologies.
Software uses innovative algorithms to calculate each part of a physician's professional history.
The system combines the doctor's overall ratings with the requested background report.

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  Academic Appointments    Hospital Appointments      Education     Special Interest/Expertise
  Professional Reputation    Disciplinary History             Training        Specialized Training
  Malpractice Judgment(s)   Professional Affiliations      Publications
  Board Certification(s)         Experience with Specialty   Community Involvement

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Medical Doctor Rating Indicators & Methodologies

MDNationwide™ proprietary software uses the following among the varied criteria used to
determine physicians eligibility for inclusion in our top medical doctor database and is used in
conjunction with MDNationwide™ comprehensive medical doctor background reports.

System calculates and assigns a point value to various categories (below) of information.
Upon doing so, the system will then compare results to all other specialists in that particular
field, for an overall credential ratings score.

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The following doctor ratings are analyzed and calculated by using our proprietary Top Doctor Analyzer software, and the amount of information provided by the owned databases of MDNationwide™.

  Check medical doctors history Below National Average 1-4
  Review doctors md ratings National Average 5-7
  Medical doctors ratings report Above National Average 8-10

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  Professional Affiliations  = Positive (2) pts for every four memberships
  Education  = Positive (1) pt
  Community Involvement  = Positive (1) pt
  Residency  = Positive (1) pt for five years or more after fellowship or residency
  Board Certification(s)  = Positive (1) pt for every board certification field
  Fellowship(s)  = Positive (2) pts for every fellowship
  Professional Reputation  = Positive (3) pts
  Hospital Appointment(s)  = Positive (1) pt for every three appts
  Medical school  = Positive (1) pt
  Malpractice Judgment(s)  = Negative (1) pt ea. Judgment or Negative (2) pts over 1 million payment(s)
  Experience with Specialty (over five years)  = Negative (1) pt if under five years in practice
  Training  = Positive (2) pts
  Disciplinary History  = Negative (3) pts for ea. action taken
  Publications  = Positive (1) pt for every three publications
  Academic Appointment(s)  = Positive (1) pt for every two appt

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