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Find The Cost of A Surgical Procedure

Cost of Surgery
By clicking on surgical codes allows you to access a CPT code database established by American Medical Association.
These codes represent the value that Medicare assigns to a given procedure for your area. Your surgeon may certainly
charge more (or less), but that's what Medicare will pay.

What is CPT Code?
Also known as "Current Procedural Terminology "CPT," it's the key to a secret world of medical billing for surgery developed
by American Medical Association. Basically, a coding system that accurately identifies most surgical procedures and their cost.

Surgeon Cost Only
Only addresses the cost of the surgeon himself, and the follow up post operative visits. This does not include the outpatient
hospitalization costs, anesthesiologist, surgical assistants, operating room, preparation, and recovery areas, and other
medications, surgical gown, miscellaneous, etc.

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