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Finding a surgeon who specializes in gastric bypass surgery can be difficult. There are only a few who have the proper training and experience nationwide.   That's why some health insurance companies in certain states are no longer accepting coverage on this type of surgical procedure. They found too many surgeons with little experience and training where performing gastirc bypass surgery. Check a bariatric surgeons complete professional background and history.   

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Bariatric surgeons are a rare breed. If you're looking for a bariatric surgeon always make sure he/she is board certified in "surgery" or "surgical critical care" or both. 

"Surgery" is a broad specialty field which covers most surgical procedures. Make sure the surgeon performs Gastric Bypass Surgery-Bariatric Surgery at least 75% of their practice. We recommend you continue your search by using the directory below. Here you will be able to use the Advanced Top Doctor Search database. The advanced top doctor database allows you to search from "special expertise" such as bariatric surgery, gastric bypass, weight loss, abdominal surgery etc.


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