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Right now you may be able to remember if a family member is allergic to any medication or had a recent surgery. But during a medical crisis you might not be able to think clearly and fast enough to give your doctor that information. That's why it's important to keep an accurate medical history for your family.

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How Well Do You know Your Medical History?

Sometimes your family medical history can be important in diagnosing an illness you may have. Knowing your own and your family's medical history can help you focus on the preventive measures you need most and will help your doctor decide on the best screening tests to keep you and your family healthy.

*Personal Health Improvement "Accurate medical records will help your  doctor make faster and more precise  medicaldecisions during an emergency."
MDNationwide T, 2005           
*Family Health Records
*Medication Information

It is estimated that four in five adults fail to keep records of their illnesses and treatments. Accurate medical records will help your doctor make faster and more precise medical decisions during an emergency when every second is crucial. That's why we have created a family health records software program that will help you keep track of your medical details so you have all the information when you need it.

How to Make The Most of Your Doctor Visit

Communication between you and your doctor is a two-way street. As an informed and prepared patient, you can save time during visits, concentrate on important issues you can save time during visits, concentrate on important issues such as the latest research on illnesses and treatments, and get the most out of each visit. Prepare for your next appointment by monitoring and organizing your medication information, through an easy, secure and healthy process.

Your Personal Health Improvement Software Guide

Highly comprehensive health software for maintaining your valuable health information.Now, new computer programs such as MDTelecomm Software can help you manage family health information, and the benefits are well worth the effort.

Sharing your organized information with the family's health care providers will improve communication with your health care providers. At a glance, they can see your most likely health risks, what screening tests to perform, and what advice they should give you about lifestyle improvements.

Allergies to any medications, foods, animals or insect bites

Prescription and non-prescription medications currently being taken
Pre-existing illnesses such as diabetes or epilepsy
Recent surgeries or medical stays and the reason why
Updated record of all immunizations and their dates

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