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Information about any legal action against the doctor for Medicare or Medicaid fraud

Any past or pending state & federal disciplinary board actions nationwide

A review of malpractice judgments, sanctions, board suspensions

A review of a doctor's internship, residency and fellowship training

Academic appointments and hospital/faculty appointments

Physicians/Surgeons special interest area of expertise

MDNationwide™ doctor ratings overall national score

The medical school from which your doctor graduated

Inactive/Active physician licensure status nationwide

The Physicians experience with specific specialty

Review of a doctor's board certification status

Doctor's complete contact information

Any publications written by physician

Database updated on a daily basis

Report(s) processed in real-time

Membership affiliations


Detailed Credentials & History On Any Physician!

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    Physician Reports  


How We Work:

   MDNationwide™ accesses a comprehensive national consolidated data bank of disciplinary histories on physicians
   MDNationwide™ doctor reports are analyzed, pocessed, and updated in real-time
   MDNationwide™ uses proprietary algorithms and methodologies to gather & process doctor background reports
   Establish which journals and publications the doctor has written for
   Our system is designed to gather ONLY relevant doctor credential information


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   Most other services provide very little or general & outdated doctor information
   Most reports go back only ten years and are not nationwide based
   Many are run by affiliate program sites with one Webpage and no contact information
   Most do not have an innovative system to compute & perform the comprehensive doctor background check
   Most feed off the same database for doctor background checks
   Most sites do not specialize in providing comprehensive relevant MD credential information


Compare Doctors and Physicians

   MDNationwide™ has been around since the dot-com bubble in 2001
   Our doctor background reports include nationwide status, accessing specific doctor credential information from state, and federal databases that are available only through partnerships
   Our owned database includes medical doctor credential information only
   MDNationwide™ specializes in providing comprehensive MD background reports
   MDNationwide™ is in-compliance with JCAHO, NCQA, CMS, and URAC standards
   Every doctor background report is carefully managed through our Proprietary system
   Doctor background reports are processed 24/7 in real-time using our robust proprietary system
   MDNationwide™ provides full, complete and comprehensive information – physician sample report
   The information is indexed and a customized comprehensive physician background report is prepared for you
   MDNationwide™ is a credible and reliable, independently-owned company
   MDNationwide™ delivers a complete, confidential doctor background report directly to you within an hour of your request



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