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We stand 100% behind our results. MDNationwide™ is proud of its work and the results it offers its satisfied customers. We are so confident these are the best results you can get, we are willing to promise it in the industry's best Guarantee, presented to you here. 

Some companies will offer you a "no match-no pay" guarantee, a nice cute gimmick if you really read what they say, which generally means they will always send you something, even if it is not correct.  Also, most do not specialize in medical doctor background checks.

Well, that is not good enough for our customers. And we go the extra mile to prove it, by certifying not only that the report you get will contain something, but also certifying the quality of these results.

No Guarantees/No Cash Refunds - We cannot guarantee the accuracy of state, county, federal, county records, search engines, hospitals, medical societies and other databases.

Our Guarantee:

Fact #1:

We guarantee no other service will provide more pertinent/relevant doctor background credential information in the context of a same search, for the same or lesser fee, given the same input, within 30 days following your request, or your money back!

Fact #2:

We will never come back to you empty handed. Your doctor background report will never just say: "oh, we couldn't find anything."

Fact #3:

We strictly specialize in researching the best doctors and conducting extensive medical doctor background checks for consumers in the U.S & Canada.   

If you have any questions regarding our services at please visit the Frequently Asked Questions Department or contact us at Toll Free 1 877-242-8556 Monday-Friday 9-5pm (PST)

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