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The Federation of State Medical Boards/or the appropriate state medical board
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How do I check a doctors credentials?

Many sites offer FREE doctor credential information, however how much comprehensive & detailed info you actually get, and how often do they update their databases, is a different story. When you order a physician background report from a company who strictly specializes and has many years of expertise in the industry, your much more likely to receive a credible comprehensive physician report.

How to find doctors credentials

Looking for the best doctors?

You came to the right place. Because we research for "quality not quantity" rest assured our top medical doctors listed in our database rank amongst the highest in the U.S. The bad news is that we are not a one size fits all kind of service when it comes to finding a medical doctor. For those consumers who are rushed for time and most importantly desire (peace of mind) medical care providers of the highest quality, we are your # 1 choice.

When checking a doctors credentials:

Board Certification – Is board certified (in specialty field) with one of the following boards

Licensure Status – Must be clear of any serious disciplinary actions nationwide.

Recognition – Has received high remarks from fellow peers and/or is involved in their respective communities.

Experience – A minimal of five years pertaining to their selected specialty field is required.

Education – Medical school and academic positions are evaluated.

Training – Residency, Fellowship and/or other training in respects to his/her specialty field are evaluated.

Special Interest area of Expertise – Every physician/surgeon has certain conditions/surgical procedures, which they are mostly known regarding practicine medicine.

Why should I check my doctors credentials?

For one thing it can never hurt you. However, it can hurt you or even kill you if you don't research your doctor. Research shows (CDC Prevention) 90,000+ deaths a year are due to medical errors.

Can I get my doctors credentials from a hospital?

Yes, many hospitals have web sites where they post a doctors credentials. Also, many hosptials have FREE doctor referral services. However, hospitals are not in the business of rating or checking a doctors credentials. They have free doctor referral systems which they use as a tool to channel in more patients. A hospital will never tell you their doctors are of low quality or have been seriously disciplined.

Educating Consumers

Our primary focus is to connect you with the best health care available, and checking a doctors credentials is only the starting phase to our company methodologies. We spend thousands of hours and dollars researching thousands of specialists throughout the country. Why? So consumers like you can communicate with medical care providers of the highest quality.

If you have any questions regarding our services at please visit the Frequently Asked Questions web page or contact Toll Free us.

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