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Plastic Surgeons in New York, Florida, Chicago, Los Angeles Named America's Top


CAMAS, WA. (Newswire) November 23, 2004 - When asked, "Which specialists in your field would you consider most disirable for care of a loved one? " many doctors, though extremely busy don't hesitate to answer. randomly asked that question of 5,000 board-certified plastic surgeons nationwide With 33 percent responding and after checking our research for proper licensure status, disciplinary status, education, and training our results determined 358 top plastic surgeons in America.(See Best Doctors) “We are Pleased to recognizing these surgeons as the pinnacle of plastic surgeons, and we thank them for contributing a high quality of health care nationwide.” Said Hugo Gallegos, president of

“Choosing a well-trained, certified practitioner means you have somebody who can handle unexpected complications,” says Dr. Richard Gregory, a renowned
board-certified plastic surgeon in Florida, and one of the survey’s respondents.

A doctor’s education, training, experience, and recognition are crucial components in receiving the highest quality of health care. Experience varies from doctor to doctor, especially in today`s world where advancements in technology, lead to more advanced surgical procedures being offered.

"Board-certification specialty fields are not federally regulated. Therefore, an MD who is board- certified in "surgery" can legally perform the same surgical procedures as an MD who is board- certified in plastic surgery. Even an Anesthesiologists, dermatologist, or gynecologist, can legally perform plastic surgery," Says Hugo Gallegos. With the plastic surgery industry booming, more doctors are going out of bounds and performing surgical procedures where their qualifications, experience, and training endanger the consumer.

More now than ever, consumers are researching their doctors, and demanding the highest quality of health care. There is no universal agreement on how to find, the best doctors, however there are establishments which, specialize in finding only the top doctors. These have their own methodologies in place, some more extensive than others. There are countless online doctor directories, for which any doctor can pay to be listed. And there are establishments where consumers can check doctors’ credentials, disciplinary actions and medical doctor ratings, all of which differ from each other.

“Our methodology consists of contacting only board-certified doctors throughout the country and asking them: ‘Which specialists in your field would you consider most desirable for care of a loved one?’ Those doctors who are recognized the most from their peers are advanced to the next logistical phase, where our research team then looks through their training, education, experience, and licensure status. If they meet our in-house high company standards, their names and credentials information are then added to our Best Doctor database” explain Gallegos Because not all doctors participate in our surveys, we then communicate with medical societies, and hospitals as further research.

Things to look for when choosing a plastic surgeon: He or She
* Is well recognized from his/her peers
* Is board-certified in plastic surgery
* Has hospital privileges
* Is a member of a recognized medical society
* Is well recognized throughout the community
* He/she is fellowship trained in their specialty field

Be wary of a plastic surgeon who:
* Is not affiliated with any hospitals
* Has serious disciplinary actions issued against him/her
* Does not explain the pros and cons clearly, and is eager to start the surgery
* Has a rude and/or unprofessional staff
* Is not certified with the American Board of Medical Specialists in plastic surgery.

Make sure your surgeon is board-certified in plastic surgery with the American Board of Medical Specialists ( It is the governing board of 24 member boards, and the most approved and accredited credentialing board in America.

Check with the Federation of State Medical Boards ( regarding disciplinary actions.
The FSMB is a national association with membership consisting of 68 medical-licensing state boards. All states are included; therefore one search can determine if your doctor has ever been disciplined in any state.

MDNationwide™ was founded in 2002 as a privately held for-profit Research & Information Company that specializes
in researching and recognizing the top medical doctors in America. "We are a comprehensive source for unbiased advice about America’s top doctors," says Hugo Gallegos, its president. provides top doctor credential information to consumers, thus helping consumers select the best quality providers of medical care. 



Tips on a People Search and Doctor Search

Camas, WA. (Express Release) December 07, 2004:

How much information can you get for free?
Search engines competition is at the highest level and constantly embedding new technologies into searches.
The result? Better information for the consumer, and it's only the beginning! Search engine technology is so precise
(especially Google) that conducting a doctor search or a people search can deliver googles of information.
Depending on the type and quality of information you're looking after, several different approaches can be used to
perform your search.

A Doctor Search:
How can I find a Doctor?

1.Go to Google and type in the full name of a doctor (i.e. Dr. Jerome Garden), the city or state, and a specialty
field. These keywords gives you a general idea if the doctor has been involved in communities, written publications, media, and so on.

2. Visit your State Medical Board and find out if your medical board is one of the few who offer free doctor reports. Medical boards let you know if your (the) doctor has ever been disciplined in that particular state and give you doctor licensure status.

3.Check out the AMA for membership status.

Finally, visit the FSMB. This organization is the governing board of all (MD) State Medical Boards. I highly recommend you visit "FSMB" if you are looking for doctor disciplinary action information, A report will cost you $9.95 each. Depending on what your doctor's specialty, its always good if they belong to a medical society, for example, a pediatrician might belong to the
American Academy of Pediatrics. Keep in mind, a doctor could belong to many society organizations.

A People Search:
How can I find a Person?
Like a doctor search, if you want detailed information, it will cost you. However, here are others ways to conduct a free people search:

  • Go to Google and type in the first and last name (i.e. Hugo Gallegos), city, state, profession, business, and so on.

  • reversephonedirectory, superpages, anywho, dexonline, switchboard, infospace 

  • Many other sites exist where you can find information. However, most information comes from the same databases with different companies conducting the actual search.

A Background Check:
Can I do Free Background Checks?:
Yes, you can. The question is will you be successful in finding the information you want?

Bottom line:
Most consumers prefer quality information and will pay for it. Therefore, before you pay for information, it's essential
to find out what type of searches the company specializes in. Also, browse the site map on their web site to find the FAQs, testimonials, and contact information. If the company discloses very little information about themselves, start looking elsewhere. which provides Top Doctor credential information to consumers, and helps consumers select the best quality providers of medical care. Get your very own virtual top doctor consultant by visiting MDNationwide .



Why hire a virtual top doctor consultant?

Camas, WA (Inno Articles) January 2005

When you need a specialist, how do you go about finding one? Do you look in the Yellow Pages, go to an HMO or walk-in, rely on a hospital referral, a friend, an online directory of doctors, or perhaps a referral from your primary care physician. Looking for the best doctor to suite your medical needs can be a problem, especially if you don't have time and you need to research the doctor's credentials. Whether you’re in urgent need of help, or just need a second
opinion, I will show you how to access all the information you need - through the Internet's Virtual Top Doctor Consultant.

Information on Doctors Credentials
Many organizations house comprehensive credentials, such as licensure status etc. These organizations include:

  • Public Citizen Questionable Doctors, American Medical Association, Federation of State Medical Boards, and Your State Medical Board

  • Medical Societies

Then you have other establishments which gather up this information in their own logistical format and provide this information to consumers. Most companies provide information about doctors who have had disciplinary action taken against them. And most consumers want to know whether their doctor has had disciplinary action taken against them. At the same time, most doctors - even the best ones - are sued at one point or other during their careers. It's
important to recognize that just because a doctor has been sued (or not) does not mean he/she is incompetent, and that very often he or she is innocent of the alleged malpractice.

What is a Virtual Top Doctor Consultant
As you probably know by now, there are literally hundreds of different types of consultants. We all want the best health
care possible, so why don't we shop around for a doctor like we do for a house or car? Over the past few years, through our own surveys and methodologies, MDNationwide has designed the first top doctor searchable database, which enables YOU to find the best doctor(s) in America without ever talking to anyone.
Virtual Top Doctor Consultant researches thousands of MDs through an extensive process, which reviews:

  • How many years the doctor has been in service (over five years). Whether the doctor is board-certified. Whether disciplinary action has been taken. The extent of the doctors' Internship, Residency, and Fellowship training. Peer and patient recognition Their community involvement Experience with type of surgical procedure Contacting medical societies

  • Contacting hospitals

Because YOU come first

  • For peace of mind YOU know these MDs rank amongst the highest in the US. We focus only on helping YOU find the best doctors through our extensive research. YOU save time and money with YOU have a team of professional consultants who care about YOU, not just your money. No, we are not doctors, we are experts in researching and recognizing the BEST MDs. Doctors don't pay us, Health Insurance companies don't pay us.

  • We work for YOU; without YOU our services would not exist.

If you have any questions regarding our services at please visit the Frequently Asked Questions Department or contact us..

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