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About MDNationwide

MDNationwide™ was founded in 2002, a private for-profit research & information company that specializes in researching and identifying America's best physicians and sugeons and providing comprehensive doctor background reports.

There are many different ways to measure quality care, and there is no universal agreement on which should be used. Our extensive research is based on a much more in-depth investigation process, which starts out by using our innovative proprietary system and asking doctors, "Which Specialists in your field would you consider most desirable for care of a loved one?"

Who uses MDNationwide?

Physician Recruiting Firms
Insurance Companies
Pharmaceutical Companies
Law Firms

Why MDNationwide?

All the research has been done for you. We are a comprehensive source for unbiased advice about America's best physicians and surgeons. Through extensive surveys and using our innovative proprietary system, we help consumers select the best healthcare providers.  

Key Benefits
Saves YOU time and anguish by connecting YOU with the top doctors
YOU receive detailed relevant credential information from a credible Company
100% of doctors in our top doctors database are certified or sub-certified
Our income is derived solely from consumers, therefore we DO NOT accept fees from doctors, health insurance companies, or pharmaceutical companies, in return of doctors being added to MDNationwide™ top doctors database
YOU can search & find a top specialist before you pay
You receive fresh detailed background credential information about any doctor

Our surveys are conducted as a continuous daily operation, which requires us to establish and maintain a full time research team.

Where is MDNationwide located?

MDNationwide™ LLC is located in the Great Pacific Northwest.

Best Physicians and Surgeons Methodology

Our surveys are conducted through an extensive process that involves communicating with doctors, credential agencies, medical boards, medical societies, and other identities
Board Certified MDs are asked Which Specialists in your field would you consider most desirable for care of a loved one?
MDNationwide carefully reviews those MDs who are highly recognized from their peers for proper licensure status and other certifications
All doctors are then evaluated using our specialized thirteen databases for a final review
Years of experience, training, education, and other doctor credential information must meet and maintain our high company standards for inclusion in our top doctor database

Company Mailing Address:
465 NE 181st, Ste 422
Portland, OR 97230


If you have any questions regarding our services at please visit the Frequently Asked Questions Department or contact us.

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This site does not provide medical or any health care advice, diagnosis or treatment. When you find a doctor users are solely responsible for determining whether the information provided is suitable for their purposes, and reliance on the information is at the user's sole risk. MDNationwide™ LLC. disclaims any and all liability arising directly from the use of the website information and (content) properties. The use of this site signifies your acceptance of MDNationwide™ and services and its product MDTelecomm Software™, full TERMS OF USE AGREEMENT and PRIVACY POLICY. Copyright © 2001-2011 MDNationwide™ LLC, All Rights Reserved Worldwide. Last updated 01/08/2011